What We Do:

Managed Services

Our expert team of technical engineers and project managers offer scalable and reliable services to ensure your technology needs are taken care of now and into the future.

Business Continuity

We have the processes, methodologies, products, and personnel to take your organization from being at-risk to managing risk. By customizing best-of-breed solutions to the entire organization, we ensure our customers get a tailored solution that provides the appropriate response to every possible disruption for the appropriate cost.

Cybersecurity and compliance

Our experts will protect your most sensitive data by identifying security threats and implementing defense against ransomware, hackers, and other risks while helping your company reach security compliance.

Success Stories


Ravinia Festival

CrossRealms implemented a breakthrough system at Ravinia Festival to ensure Wi-Fi access for their 15,000 guests and staff all-throughout the park. Now, Ravinia has one of the strongest crowd-focused wireless connections in the entire country.


Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

Following the installation of the 3CX Phone System by 3CX Partner CrossRealms, the staff at Wilson Sporting Goods Co. noticed immediate competitive benefits in the form of an open platform and licensing model, which enabled the company to choose the VoIP gateways and IP phones of its preference.


Healthcare Client

A large healthcare client, created through a partial divestiture of a much larger organization, contracted CrossRealms to design a solution for securing traffic to and from the larger organization in addition to securing the new entity with its varied Acute Care Hospitals and administrative offices.